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Top-quality Media Connection point (HDMI Dummy) is a restrictive sound/video interface for sending uncompressed video information and compacted or uncompressed computerized sound Information from an HDMI-agreeable source gadget, like a presentation regulator, to a viable PC screen, video projector, advanced TV, or advanced sound gadget. HDMI is an advanced substitution for simple video guidelines.


The HDMI specification characterizes the conventions, signals, Electrical Connection points, and mechanical necessities of the norm. V  The most extreme pixel clock rate for HDMI 1.0 is 165 MHz, which is adequate to permit 1080p and WUXGA (1920×1200) at 60 Hz. HDMI 1.3 builds that to 340 MHz. Which takes into account higher goals (like WQXGA, 2560×1600) across a solitary computerized connect.